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CEDA Assists Millville Valley Meats in Opening for Meat Processing

Article by: Donna Mack

A new entrepreneur, Jason Hoffman is open for business in rural Millville providing quality and affordable meat and poultry processing services for farmers in the area.  Millville Valley Meats, 61301 North Country Road 11, a farm that has been in the Hoffman family for generations, is located a few miles outside of Millville, MN and 35 miles north of Rochester. It is surrounded by other small family farms and hunting properties.

Hoffman, an experienced meat processor, opened his business the day after the state inspection passed on February 21, 2020.  Hoffman commented, “It has been a long process and none of it would have been possible without Donna Mack’s help. Thank you very much to Donna for all she has done!! My door is always open to you.”  Mack is a CEDA Community and Business Development Specialist.

As a child, Hoffman helped his grandparent’s process poultry every day throughout the summer. Hoffman also helped process meat at his family farm where his father designed and founded the meat processing business, Hoffman Processing, in 1990 and operated it for 15 years. Hoffman continued to gain experience working at local meat processors in Goodview and Lake City before opening his own facility.

As a personal investment in purchasing the family farm, Hoffman has always wanted to modernize his father’s meat processing operation and help out the neighboring farmers and hunters. With this desire, Hoffman came to CEDA for assistance.  Mack was able to provide a great deal of assistance for Hoffman and his wife, Missy Hoffman,  in preparation of their financial projections for the lender application process.

Hoffman  has a strong belief in agricultural entities and felt there was a high need for more meat processing facilities in the area. Therefore, Hoffman and Mack visited with some lenders, and Hoffman decided Compeer Financial was most helpful in working with an agriculture business with their lending program. Compeer assisted him in purchasing new, upgraded and modernized equipment which is necessary to meet health inspections for food safety. The Hoffman’s facility is operating safely, effectively and efficiently. Hoffman is processing beef, pork, lamb, chicken and deer.

Mack, Community and Business Development Specialist with CEDA stated, “In my time with Jason assisting him in the planning and the start-up of a new business in agriculture, he has shown me that he is goal-oriented, personable and skilled in his trade. He aims to be a successful businessman, and has a goal to help farmers receive quality finished products with their investments.”

The pandemic impact on our economy is happening now in our communities, at large meat processing companies, and on farms across the country needing somewhere to take their animals. The resilience of our farm and food system is an essential factor in determining our success in responding to this pandemic. Now is the time for critical investments in agricultural food systems by taking proactive measures toward making our food and agriculture more resilient and sustainable. Investing in farm to table will bring a positive effect to the local area by connecting farmers to Millville Valley Meats.