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Regional Marketing Project Completed

In 2015, CEDA was awarded a grant from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) to study opportunities for regional marketing in southeastern Minnesota in light of the growth projected for the region over the next 10-20+ years. The project brought regional stakeholders together to discuss the region over 6 stakeholder meetings.  Stakeholders discussed opportunities to better collaborate to promote the region and enhance our already high-standard of life.

The information gathered is available below to be utilized as a resource for the betterment of the region and has been shared with other regional organizations for their use on regional marketing efforts.  CEDA Vice President Chris Giesen led the project with asstiance from Community and Business Develpment Specailists Sherry Hines, Ryan Yetzer, and Courtney Bergey, Director of Marketing Joya Stetson, and Director of Training Tom Monson.  A special thanks to Journey to Growth and Destination Medical Center for their support and assistance.

If you haven’t already reviewed the final report, it is available at the link below:

Regional Marketing Study