Blue Earth: Blue Earth REV is holding the Entrepreneur Project

Every Wednesday in March Blue Earth REV is holding the Entrepreneur Project.

at City Hall in the Council Chambers at 5:30pm.
Entrepreneur Project Information:


Small communities thrive on more than large corporations and brick and mortar businesses. The entrepreneurial spirits of makers, creators, hobbyists, and in home business ventures are equally important to the local economy.

The intent of the Entrepreneur Project is to help entrepreneurs that are currently working out of their homes learn from established entrepreneurs in the community. Topics covered will include but aren’t limited to business plans, lending, inventory, and marketing.

REV recognizes that entrepreneurs and business owners thrive when their talents and expertise are recognized and encouraged. This is also true for individuals that may not realize the potential their craft, art, hobby, or side-gig has to provide entrepreneurial opportunities.

The scope of the Entrepreneur Project is two-fold:

  1. Community members who embody the entrepreneurial spirit through their passions, hobbies, side businesses, crafts, or garage/basement projects, will have the opportunity to learn and grow while interacting with locally established entrepreneurs who has expertise and experience to share.
  2. Participants will leave the 5-week program with a business plan to utilize for whatever purpose they may identify throughout the project.
    1. We realize that many of these individuals will not be looking to transform into business owners, however our goal is to show these makers, creators, providers, etc., how to safely grow and prosper at their tempo.
      1. We will discuss and provide the opportunity for micro-loans and inventory grants through the Huisman Family Fund
      2. We will establish a repertoire with muliple local entrepreneurs through presentations and activites.
      3. And ultimately, over the course of 5 weeks, by guiding participants through a series of questions and reflections, we will assist in the creation of a business plan which will serve as a living document for participants to use in any capacity of their interest.

Applications should be submitted to City Hall, 125 W 6th Street in Blue Earth no later than Wednesday, February 15th to be considered.


Mar 29 2023


5:30 am - 7:30 pm