Community Planning & Development

Strategic Planning

Ideally, organizations should be running two planning cycles per year.

The spring season should find a business or a community looking ahead to determine what investments can position them better and make them stronger. This is the strategic planning cycle — a time when the development team is encouraged to form a vision for the future. This is where tomorrow starts.

The tactical planning cycle begins in summer and involves project and implementation planning. Items in the strategic plan are now developed as real products or real projects. Dreams may now become reality. This tactical planning cycle is also used for grant or loan applications and for seeking opportunity by forming new partnerships and seeking alliances and suppliers. That new product line you were going to introduce must now be rolled out. The new park must be funded, equipment ordered, and the work begin. By the next year, your customers have the new product or your residents are enjoying their new park.

CEDA can help create and guide your strategic and tactical plans. It all starts with good planning!

Comprehensive Plan Development

CEDA has worked with several rural cities to develop their Comprehensive Plans. For samples or quotes, please contact CEDA CEO/President Ron Zeigler.

Housing Development Projects

CEDA provides analysis and grant writing for housing development projects,  including assisted living, senior, workforce or market-rate housing.