Stewartville, MN Assists Cabin Coffee and Announces Spring 2021 Opening

On Tuesday, October 20, the Stewartville Economic Development Authority (EDA) received a presentation from Robin & Kevin Splittstoesser, Leigh Dzubay and Hannah Lechner.  The four (4) Stewartville-native entrepreneurs officially announced that they would be opening a Cabin Coffee franchise at 310 Main Street North in downtown Stewartville. CEDA team member Joya Stetson, who serves the City of Stewartville, had worked with the group on researching/determining demand and aided the entrepreneurs through the application process to secure (1) a $15,000, 0% Interest Startup loan and (2) a Business Incubation Program grant award offering nearly $10,000 in rental assistance and education through the EDA.

“Our goal is to help continue to revitalize Main Street and provide an asset to the community,” said Dzubay.  “A Cabin Coffee location in Stewartville will create a gathering space which will foster connection, comfort, excitement and ultimately growth in the City.”

The project’s announcement was met with enthusiasm from the EDA who had been working with local residents, including Lechner, to understand the demand for a local coffee shop over the past couple of years. Not only had Stetson worked with the EDA to conduct surveys, but also she had met with Stewartville High School students, many of whom identified and presented on the need and market potential for a Cabin Coffee franchise in the community.

“Seeing the excitement from the students and residents in Stewartville truly invigorated our efforts to find the right franchisee,” said Brad Barber, Co-Owner and CEO of the Cabin Coffee Company. “We are thrilled to see this project move forward and are confident that this will be a positive and valuable addition to the Stewartville business community.”

Further articulating the demand for the project, Stetson had accessed CEDA’s proprietary data tool to have Tracy Lauritzen of Krakerjak produce a market demand report that Splittstoesser and her team were able to review, utilize and share.

“Kevin, Leigh, Hannah and I are looking forward to serving the City that we all were born and raised in,” said Robin Splittstoesser. “We are grateful for the support and assistance of the City, EDA, school, community residents and our families.”

Construction on the new Cabin Coffee Stewartville location has already begun.  The store anticipates an opening date in Spring 2021.