CEDA Works With Rushford Village, MN to Produce and Release Land Use Study Report

Article by: Rebecca Charles

The City of Rushford Village is proud to announce the completion of the 2020 Land Inventory/Use Report.  This project began as an effort to begin both long and short term strategic planning for the City.  The City conducted a survey of designated rural landowners within the city limits of Rushford Village to amass data from residents.  CEDA Team Member and City of Rushford Village Economic Development Director, Rebecca Charles conducted the survey and studied results. Not all residents within the City were surveyed as properties were identified through specific criteria.  Many properties that were not selected are located within FEMA flood zones or are positioned on bluff land and are not developable.

Data collected through this survey identified not only locations where development could occur, but also what types of amenities residents are interested in bringing to the community. Data collected through this survey will be used to determine the need/want for a range of amenities and potential development for the City.  This could include recreational trails, residential and commercial development opportunities, parks and other amenities.  “The possibilities are endless when we you invite residents to provide their input!” says Charles, “The City will be able to better prioritize projects that are favored by, and beneficial to a majority of residents.” The City has begun the planning process for 2021 and research will begin to identify steps for moving forward.  The report, authored by Charles, will be used to identify what the City needs to do now, to better prepare themselves for the future.