Kasson EDA Assists in Co-Working Space Development

Article by: Nicholas Ouellette

The Kasson EDA, along with CEDA team member Nicholas Ouellette serving the Kasson EDA, is working with the owners of the historic Dodge County Independent Building to explore options to create a co-working space in the Main Street building. The building owners, Ed and Tina Butler, hope a co-working center can provide space where local entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, network and promote economic growth within the City.

The building, currently home to the Dodge County Independent, can readily be divided into smaller offices and has high-speed internet throughout the building implemented to serve the paper’s needs. The Kasson EDA is currently surveying the community to determine demand for and opportunities to utilize co-working space. A survey is available online and has been sent out to businesses registered to residential addresses, where local entrepreneurs might be starting their businesses or looking to move into office space. While managing the survey, Kasson EDA Staff are investigating co-working space models to find a plan that best fits the available space and the community’s needs.

Overall, the Butler’s goal is to provide a location for business innovation in Kasson where entrepreneurs can create a sense of community. To stay up to date with this project, check back on the City of Kasson’s Facebook page.