CEDA Team Member Creates Podcast to Educate Students About Workforce Opportunities

Article by: Emily Davis

COVID-19 created many challenges in life, including how to effectively educate students and expose them to different career opportunities while they were distance learning. CEDA’s Community Workforce Coordinator, Emily Davis, was tasked with creating a way to allow students to still explore careers while they were at home. That is when she created the Pick Your Path podcast.

The Pick Your Path podcast consists of short 10 to 12 minute episodes, each episode gives a glimpse into a different career and the education or experience needed for that position. The podcast allows students to learn about multiple different careers in a short amount of time, from any location that they want to access it from.

“I was trying to think of a way that students could still learn about different careers, while at home, and a podcast seemed to fit the bill,” Davis said, “I was excited that the episodes would be able to be utilized by all students during the summer as well as during the school year. I would love for this to be available to students for years to come!” She also said that she thought a podcast would be less intimidating when asking professionals to participate.

Davis publishes a podcast at least once a week, sometimes more.  She has published 6 so far and continues to schedule interviews across all career clusters. You can listen to the podcasts at the following link. https://anchor.fm/emily-davis09