Stewartville, MN Economic Development Authority Creates Cleaning and Safety Supply Program to Assist Businesses Amid COVID-19

The Stewartville, MN Economic Development (EDA) recently approved a new program to assist local businesses with necessary purchases of cleaning and safety supplies. The new and exciting program, which was drafted by CEDA team member Joya Stetson who serves as Stewartville’s Economic Development Director,  will provide up to $200 per business for items, materials and equipment needed to successfully and safely resume operations in a variety of industries. Eligible products must be purchased from businesses located in the City of Stewartville if possible and can include items purchased on or after May 18, 2020.

Stetson said that the idea for the creative form of assistance came from a local business owner—Chris Kujath of Old River Valley Antique Mall. “When Chris called me and shared this idea, I knew it was something we had to look into further,” said Stetson. “Stewartville’s EDA Board is working hard to find ways to assist businesses through these unprecedented times. Most of our business owners will be required to make changes based upon the current circumstances; this program can help with some of those unexpected expenses.” Additionally, the EDA had conducted an economic impact survey in May in which other businesses also identified the need for assistance with the purchase of cleaning supplies.

“The City is pleased to offer this program as a part of our economic development efforts,” said Mayor Jimmie-John King. “Our staff and boards consistently try to respond to challenges quickly and provide assistance where we are able.”

$10,000 was allocated for the initiation of this program, including a $500 donation from People’s Energy Cooperative, which will allow the EDA to assist at least 50 businesses. The program will open immediately and run through September 1, 2020 or until funds are depleted (whichever occurs first). To facilitate the process, Stewartville businesses are able to conveniently submit applications online through a short Google Form.