SCSC & CEDA Work Together to Connect Businesses and Schools

Article by: Emily Davis

CEDA and the South Central Service Coop have teamed up to bring a Community Workforce Coordinator to serve the Blue Earth Area and United South Central school districts.

Emily Davis has joined the CEDA team at the end of April to fill the role. Her task will be to establish and grow relationships between the school districts and area businesses to provide students unique learning opportunities and more hands-on experiences. Davis will be working with the CTE (Career and Technical Education) teachers at each school to establish the best practices to utilize relationships for career exploration for the students. “I am excited to be in this new role and help students discover careers that they are passionate about,” Davis said. “I am also excited to see all of the creative ideas that will come out of the partnerships that already are established or that will be established.”

Career exploration has been a top priority for both districts, and by partnering with CEDA, the districts have committed to giving students more opportunities for not only career exploration but also different learning experiences that may not have otherwise been provided.