West Concord, MN Utilizes CEDA Assistance to Promote the Development of New Housing Lots

West Concord, MN has begun working to develop two parcels of land, 2.5 acres and 8 acres, for new housing. The City currently owns 3 lots in the Mathias Subdivision, where buildable lots have been selling regularly for the past two years.

The new lots will be on two properties adjacent to the existing subdivision. One lot grouping is the site of a former charter school; the other is agricultural land being purchased from a local resident. The City is working with the CEDA team to develop an RFP to invite developers, interested in either or both parcels, with the intent for a developer to manage the entire project as their market research sees fit.

The new housing will aid the City in attracting both a workforce for local businesses as well as to take part in the growth being experienced in regional centers including Owatonna, MN. CEDA is working to build relationships with the business community in the regional centers to highlight the opportunity for workforce housing in communities such as West Concord.