Mural at Hayfield, MN City Pool Nears Completion

This summer, students of Hayfield, MN High School volunteered to paint an astounding aquatic mural at the City’s public pool. 

The mural was sponsored by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation’s (SMIF) Paint the Town Grant and Ace Hardware. The Hayfield Economic Development Authority (EDA) applied for and was awarded the grant in 2018, but was unable to complete the project due to the continuous rainfall last summer.  CEDA team member Rebecca Charles who serves the Hayfield EDA worked with the High School art department to speak to students and recruit them for the summer project. Liz Fjerstad, Hayfield Elementary School Music Teacher, volunteered to be the project’s organizer and had been overseeing the project’s progression.

“The City is excited to share the results of the hard work of these students and volunteers with the community” says Charles.  “There is already additional discussion to expand the mural in a similar manner over the coming summers.”

Over 30 volunteers worked on the mural during the months of July and August of this summer.