CEDA Team Member Works On New Marketing Brochure Tool for the City of Medford, MN

Article by: Mary Kennedy

A new brochure will be in Medford, MN’s tool box soon thanks to CEDA team member Donna Mack, Mayor Nelson, and EDA Board Members Bryan Duncan and Mary Cronin. TriM Graphics of Owatonna, MN is also assisting the group as they undergo the efforts to update the community brochure which was originally created in the 1990s. The brochure will answer frequently asked questions about the community and give people more information on how they can become involved in Medford. The brochure is directed to potential new business owners, new homeowners, visitors, volunteers, the general public and others. 

Mack organized the first meeting leading the group to the decision of the size, tips on designing, target audience, and project budget, as well as designing  the outline and text to assist the group in deciding how the brochure would be organized. As a group, the arrangement of topics were put in a logical sequence fitting it to the general layout of the brochure. 

Some of the ways the brochure will be distributed include attachments to proposals, being left behind when visiting clients, inserts in presentation folders, materials for prospective employers, and shared at meetings, fairs, conferences or seminars. Additionally, the brochure will be in hotels, restaurants, malls and other retail entities. The brochure planning group will make a list of particular places to distribute the brochures, and specific individuals and staff will be responsible for getting the brochures to the locations.

“I am fortunate to be involved with the Medford brochure project as it is a valuable tool for explaining who our community is. A common response when the community of Medford is mentioned in conversation is, ‘Medford is a city? I always thought it was only an outlet mall on the highway!’ The brochure should answer questions, educate our audience, and promote the community,” explains Mack.

This brochure will encourage people to come into the City by providing exceptional education and quality of life information. If you come to Medford you will likely be greeted warmly, neighbors will be happy to give you the scoop on the new school, or where the best grilling meat can be purchased, who the best mechanic is, or where to buy a moderate priced prom or mother of the bride/groom dress.