Claremont, MN EDA Works to Prepare for Highway 14 Expansion

Article by: Marty Walsh

The Claremont, MN EDA has been working with CEDA to prepare for potential growth spurred on by the completion of the final four lane section of US Highway 14 between Rochester and Owatonna, and Mankato beyond. The new highway will pass to the south of the City, instead of the current route to the north. CEDA Community and Business Development Specialists Marty Walsh and Rebecca Charles have been working to map out which areas would be prime for annexation and development. The project includes working with Claremont Township to prepare an Orderly Annexation Agreement to quickly react to future development potential outside the City that requires annexation, as well as conducting a Development Survey that gathers information from rural landowners about their willingness to sell and/or develop land for commercial, residential or industrial use. The survey information will be used to inform City decisions about infrastructure improvements and to connect landowners to potential development projects inquiring with the City. 


In addition to identifying where there is high development potential, the surveys will help to highlight areas with low development potential which will help limit over investment in attempting to annex an area or over development of infrastructure that will likely never meet capacity. Once surveys have been returned and the data analyzed, CEDA will generate Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Industrial development Requests For Proposals that take into account the information in the surveys as well as the new highway and existing railroad service and distribute them for the City, spurring interest in the community and the location between two of the states fastest growing markets.