LeRoy, MN Increases Marketing Efforts with CEDA Assistance

Article by: Joya Stetson

The City of LeRoy, MN has recently been working with CEDA team members to expand their marketing efforts for the community.

CEDA team member Joya Stetson worked with colleague Sherry Hines, who serves the City of LeRoy, to create a comprehensive report on potential marketing projects/ideas that would broadly and creatively communicate the many assets in the City.

Stetson’s report noted an observed focus on recreation, a proactive school district, City-wide fiber, proximity to major cities and a supportive business community; the report concentrated on leveraging those strengths.

Stetson provided a number of detailed ideas that incorporated social media, participation in regional industry groups, communication with media outlets, testimonials, coworking space, recreation, collaboration with local businesses and more.

The report, which was intended to inspire staff and board members, sparked the creation of an EDA Marketing Committee who met with Stetson and Hines to go over each thought and begin a priority plan for implementation.

Only two (2) months after the Marketing Committee meeting, LeRoy has already begun working on five (5) of the suggested projects:

  1. The City/EDA has created and is managing a Facebook account with regular content.
  2. The City/EDA has joined the Rochester Area Builders’ association.
  3. The City/EDA has pushed out more press releases to garner media attention.
  4. The City/EDA has created/updated brochures on the community amenities.
  5. The City/EDA has launched a free bike rental program to encourage regional individuals and families to enjoy recreation in and near the community.

The projects above have been completed through the hard work and dedication of EDA boardmembers and City Clerk, Patty White, along with the assistance of CEDA team member Sherry Hines.

“The City of LeRoy has such an incredible energy” said Stetson. “The Committee members and staff have moved these projects and others forward with remarkable vigor; it’s impossible not to be inspired when you’re surrounded by such an innovative and ambitious group!”

The forward-thinking Marketing Committee has plans to complete more items from the report in the coming year.  For example, the Committee is looking into creating a City-scented soy candle from their local shop, A Gift to Gab.