Tuohy Passes the Torch

Article by: Mary Kennedy

CEDA’s President, and CEO, Ron Zeigler, and the whole CEDA team would like to thank Mike Tuohy of Chatfield for serving as the CEDA Board Chair for the past eight years. Mike has served as a CEDA Board member since 2006, and as Board Chair since 2011. “I have enjoyed my many years on the CEDA Board. It is necessary for us to help our area develop economically and essential for those of us which are and have been on the board to share our time and experiences to assist in accomplishing his challenge. My belief is that after serving on a board, one should be happy to pass the opportunity on to others as new ideas and ways to accomplish the goals keep an organization young and vital,” said Mike.

With that being said, CEDA staff and fellow board members are happy to welcome Michael Tuohy, also of Chatfield, as the Elected Chair this year. “I am very honored to be part of the team. CEDA has a great history of what has been accomplished and I am excited to help continue on a path that will bring CEDA even further into the future. Great things can and will be accomplished when a skilled team is together and focused on their mission,” expressed Michael.

In addition to Board Chair Michael Tuohy, CEDA Board Officers include Vice-Chair Larry Anderson, of Frost, MN, Treasurer Randy Domeyer of Winona, MN, and Secretary Gary Gooder of Cresco, IA.