St. Charles, MN Receives $10,000 CEDA-Authored Minnesota Twins Grant

Article by: Mary Kennedy
The baseball fields at City Park in St. Charles, Minnesota will be undergoing some exciting changes starting this summer. CEDA team member Cris Gastner authored and was awarded $10,000 from the Minnesota Twins Fields for Kids program. These funds will assist the City in their efforts to improve accessibility throughout the complex.
The full scope of the project includes improving handicap accessibility in the seating area, increasing accessibility to the ballfield from the parking lot, and controlling stormwater runoff by fixing ruts in the walkways. Funding projects of this scope and size can be difficult for small communities, so receiving grants like those offered by the Minnesota Twins is extremely helpful.
“We are really excited about this project because by making it less of a challenge to get on the field, people with physical disabilities still get to be involved in baseball and softball. Also, visitors and community members with mobility challenges will be able to sit with the rest of their friends and family and we hope that enhances the overall experience for everyone,”
said Gastner.