CEDA Helps Kasson, MN to Offer New Business Facade Improvement Program

Article by: Stephanie Lawson

The work of business retention and attraction is critical to the local economy in Kasson,MN driving growth for the local tax base and expanding the employment opportunities, services, and amenities that residents depend on and desire.  With aspirations to bring new opportunities, businesses and economic vibrancy to the community the Kasson Economic Development Authority (EDA) is working to grow the local economy from within by promoting entrepreneurship and small business development through the establishment of a Business Facade Improvement Program.

The Program, with guidelines authored by CEDA team member Stephanie Lawson, has been established to encourage and support business owners who are interested in restoring their existing properties; ultimately enhancing and improving the visual aesthetics of the community.  When authoring the guidelines Lawson, along with her Board, reviewed similar programs offered by other CEDA communities, taking those concepts and tailoring them to fit the City of Kasson’s businesses and their growing needs.

“With an anticipated $20,000.00 designation for 2019 we [the City and EDA] are pleased to offer this tool as a part of our economic development efforts,” said Councilperson Dan Eggler.  “We are confident that the assistance being offered here will be advantageous for our existing businesses.”

The program is set to launch after the first of the year!