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Chatfield Center for the Arts
405 Main Street South
Chatfield, MN 55923


Starting at 9 AM
August 15, 2018

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Chris Giesen
Vice President
Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA)
[email protected]

More Information:
Through a grant appropriation from DEED, in early 2018 SEMLM and CEDA engaged HR&A Advisors, Inc. to conduct a study to understand the economic growth facing cities and counties in Southeast Minnesota. The Southeast Minnesota Economic Study aims to provide communities in the eight-county region with long-range population, employment, and economic forecasts at the county- and region-wide scales. These forecasts will equip municipalities, counties, and the Region with quality data that can inform long-range planning, guiding important municipal and county decision making for things like investment in new infrastructure and public works, municipal services and schools, land use planning, and strategic downtown planning, in addition to regional considerations about transportation investment and housing growth. With a clearer understanding of the future population and economy of Southeast Minnesota, the Region can work to ensure that this growth is equitable and sustainable, serving all residents and workers.

On Wed., Aug. 15th, HR&A will present its draft report findings, providing an opportunity for city and county officials, administrators, economic development specialists, and regional policy groups to ask questions and provide feedback on the Study before the report is finalized and published. The morning session will be dedicated to an overview of the Study findings and implications. In the afternoon, HR&A and its team at REMI Policy Insight will offer a training focused on the economic development implications of this study and an overview of the REMI economic model. This study uses REMI Policy Insight to model baseline growth and to test the impacts of economic development scenarios in the Region. REMI’s dynamic modeling capability enables it to construct comprehensive forecasts of economic and demographic characteristics; it is an industry standard, frequently used as a simulation tool to help regional policymakers understand the long-term consequences of socioeconomic trends and policy decisions.

Economic Study: Preliminary Findings and Policy Recommendations
Chatfield Center for the Arts
Potter Auditorium

REMI Model Training: Economic Development Implications and Software Training
Chatfield Center for the Arts
Potter Auditorium