CEDA Grant Department Authored and Approved for $1,415,798 in Small Cities Development Program Grants from MN DEED

Article by: Ron Zeigler

Under the direction of CEDA Director of Grants Michelle Vrieze, the CEDA Grant Department worked in conjunction with the cities of Eyota, Caledonia and Elgin to author applications for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s Small Cities Development Program Grant Funds.  Again this year, all applications authored by Michelle and CEDA were fully funded.

“Michelle has been authoring and administering small cities applications for well over 20 years”, states Ron Zeigler, CEDA CEO/President.  “Michelle has such a great reputation and is very highly respected in the Small Cities Program throughout DEED and the rest of the State.  I can’t even begin to count the number of people that Michelle has helped over these years in the numerous grant award projects.  It is a very astounding number to say the least.  She has moved the needle for these communities, their businesses and residents.”

-The City of Elgin application/award was for $303,600 to complete 12 single family home renovation projects.

-The City of Eyota application/award is for $287,500 to complete 20 multi-family rental projects.

-The City of Caledonia application/award is for $824,698 to complete 10 commercial projects for $276,000; 10  rental mixed use for $143,750; four multi-family rental projects for $28,748 and 15 single family home projects for $376.200.  The single family home projects will be administered by SEMCAC in partnership with CEDA.

Congratulations to the cities of Elgin, Eyota and Caledonia, the partnership with SEMCAC and to the CEDA grants department on a job well done!