Goodhue County Invests in Projects Within Municipalities

Article by: Ron Zeigler

Recently, three tax abatement applications have been processed and approved through the public hearing process by the Goodhue County Commissioners.  CEDA Team Member, Ron Zeigler, working closely with Goodhue County Administrative Staff,  guided the applications through the EDA Subcommittee, the EDA Board of Directors and eventually onto the Agenda of the Goodhue County Commissioners.

The Goodhue County Commissioners have historically provided incentives for projects that make good sense to be involved in and they have supported projects that happen within municipal boundaries.  The three projects recently supported include:

  • $137,952 worth of Tax Abatement to assist in the  18,192 square foot, $2.264 million expansion to the Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls, MN.  The expansion will be for increased production and warehousing and will create 4.85 FTE jobs with an annual estimated increase in payroll of $117,520.
  • $56,000 worth of Tax Abatement to assist in the site preparation of the new Zumbrota Sales dealership. Total project cost for the new construction project will be $3.372 million with an estimated 25 new full-time positions averaging $24 per hour and 9 part-time positions.  New payroll in year 1 is expected to be $1.77 million.
  • $35,000 worth of Tax Abatement to assist in the $915,000 construction project for the new building for the Zumbrota Vet Clinic. Two new FTE technician positions will be created at $15 per hour and one new veterinarian will become full-time.

In total, Goodhue County will be abating $22,096 for the first eight years for a cumulative total of $228,952 over the life of the abatements as an investment towards $6,551,000 of private investment within the County, creating approximately 35 new jobs with an estimated payroll of approximately $2 million.