CEDA Welcomes Kasson, MN and Goodhue, MN

CEDA is happy to announce that the team will now be serving the City of Kasson, MN and the City of Goodhue, MN as a part of the organization’s Community Support Program.

CEDA Community and Business Development Specialist Rebecca Charles began work in Kasson in May.  “Kasson is a great community that prioritizes quality of life for its businesses and residents,” Charles stated. “I feel lucky to be a part of the research, planning and program administration that will lead to even more success for the City!”

The City of Goodhue, MN will begin its contract with CEDA this June.  CEDA Community and Business Development Specialist Donna Mack will be leading the organization’s efforts there.  “We’re really looking forward to working with the City of Goodhue,” said CEDA Senior Vice President Cris Gastner. “The community has so many exciting opportunities on the horizon; I cannot wait to see the progress we will make together!”

We look forward to working with both communities for the duration of 2017 and beyond!