Stewartville EDA Launches New Website

Article written by Joya Stetson


The Stewartville, MN Economic Development Authority (EDA) launched its new website on Monday, July 27, 2015.

“Today, a community’s website often serves as an individual’s first impression. It is so important that we emphasize our amenities and opportunities in such a way that encourages people and businesses to both come here and stay here. The EDA recognized this, and focused its efforts on this project,” said Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA) employee Joya Stetson who serves as the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Stewartville.

After a formal RFP process and extensive review, the EDA contracted with Fused Interactive, a website design firm based out of Sioux Falls, SD.  Fused Interactive’s owner, Brian Brua, has been diligently working with City staff and boards to design, construct, and pefect a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing website for the City.

The new website features better-organized, relevant content, mobile optimization and aerial photography and videography accentuating the City’s beauty in addition to residential and business development opportunities.

“The Fused Interactive team is very excited to launch the new City of Stewartville website. We put a lot of effort into visually showcasing the amenities of Stewartville to help attract new residents and businesses, while also making sure the website is a useful tool for the people in the community,” Brua stated.

The Stewartville EDA has received positive feedback and community engagement since the launch date, and expects that the website will be an integral tool for growth and development as the Destination Medical Center (DMC) and Journey to Growth (J2G) initiatives advance and make headway in southeastern Minnesota.

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