Renewable Energy/Waste Stream Diverter Company comes to Howard County!

Article written by Spiff Slifka


Currently, food industry byproducts are not being handled cost-effectively or in an environmentally friendly way. Howard County Business & Tourism has been working with Big Ox Energy who provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for industrial food manufacturing and processing facilities.

Big Ox Energy converts industrial food and agricultural waste into clean-burning, pipeline-grade, renewable natural gas, known as “green gas.” Good for the economy, the environment, and the industries it supports, “green gas” is a renewable, domestic energy source.

We are excited Big Ox Energy has chosen Howard County as their first “foot-print” in Iowa and we expect this vital company to grow and expand their services. Reducing waste going to landfills, reusing the energy contained in organic wastes, and recycling those products into fertilizers, soil amendments, and fuel sources takes the ‘green’ mantra; reduce, re-use, recycle to a whole new level.