Boscobel Developers Makes Award Nominations

Article written by Tim Jacobson


The Boscobel Developers nominated Nu-Pak for the “Economic Driver Award,” to recognize its continued investment in Wisconsin. Businesses in the category demonstrate the following:

  • Continued investment and job creation in Wisconsin
  • Commitment to advancing their business models and product development efforts
  • Commitment to their employees and being an employer of choice
  • Commitment to the communities in which they operate
  • Commitment to worker safety and the environment

Kwik Trip was nominated for an award by the La Crosse Area Development Corporation.

At the awards ceremony at SentryWorld, Nu-Pak was represented by Rich Uselman and his wife Melissa (an employee of Gundersen Boscobel Area Hospitals and Clinics), and the Boscobel Developers were represented by Ken Schweiger and CEDA Community and Business Development Specialist Tim Jacobson.

Rich gave an excellent acceptance speech which credited the vision and dedication of the company’s owners, the work of the Developers and the city, the commitment of employees, and collaboration with other companies, such as Sargento, which are willing to invest in Boscobel and Nu-Pak’s capabilities.

This was an excellent venue for promoting Boscobel’s positive business environment to business and government leaders from around the state.


Congratulations to the award-winning businesses!