CEDA Secures Over $3.2 Million in Grant Funding During 2013

During 2013 CEDA team members had 26 individual grant applications funded, securing over $3.2 million in funding for a number of projects in communities served. “Our agency was founded on grant writing and administration when we started about 27 years ago,” CEDA President/CEO Ron Zeigler said. “While we have grown tremendously and expanded the scope of services we provide over the years, successfully leveraging funds for our communities via grant opportunities is still a major focus for our organization and a point of pride for us. Not only do we write the applications but we also are able to administer the grant program throughout the entire process.”

This year’s successes cover a wide variety of projects:

  • $11,600 from AgStar Financial for community projects in Eyota and Spring Valley.
  • $10,000 from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council for a community sculpture project in Harmony.
  • $355,000 from MnDOT for a Safe Routes to School project in Eyota.
  • $539,750 from the Small Cities Development Block Grant and $77,000 from the Greater Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for a residential and rental rehabilitation project in Spring Valley.
  • $879,243 from the Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure program for industrial park & manufacturing expansions in Chatfield, Lyle, Grand Meadow, and Cannon Falls.
  • $76,500 from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for a local trails connection project in Eyota.
  • $10,000 from the Minnesota Historical Society for a historic preservation project in Houston County.
  • $652,287 from the Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy and High Quality Jobs Program in conjunction with an agricultural processor expansion in Howard County.
  • $4,833 from various sources for marketing and tourism efforts in Howard County.
  • $233,611 from the Minnesota Redevelopment Grant program to assist with moving public infrastructure in conjunction with a retail development in Chatfield.
  • $408,000 from the Minnesota Investment Fund for a manufacturer expansion in Chatfield.
  • $17,525 from the USDA RBEG and REAP programs for businesses in Spring Valley.

DID YOU KNOW??? Director of Grants, Michelle Vrieze, has 20 years of grant writing experience with CEDA and is CEDA’s expert on writing and administering Small Cities Development Block Grant programs covering housing, commercial, rental, and public facilities projects? With the help of CEDA interns, Michelle also keeps track of current available grant programs for a wide variety of projects. Ask CEDA how we can help your community with its next project!