Eyota Working Towards a Welcome Sign

Eyota MN

Article by Cathy Enerson

            What to do when a major highway bypasses your downtown is an ongoing issue for many communities. In Eyota Highway 42 and Highway 14 each boarder the historic downtown, however neither highway runs through the historic business district. Another issue is the downtown can’t be easily seen from the highways. The Eyota Economic Development Authority has purchased and is using way finding signs to direct visitors to businesses and public facilities located in the historic downtown. The EDA did long term planning for additional signage throughout the city including the preliminary planning, surveying and budgeting for a City entrance sign.


The city of Eyota also has had a very positive working relationship with AgStar lately. AgStar was able to assist the Eyota EDA with funding needed for a feasibility study on the City owned assisted living center known as Arbor Gardens. The purpose of the study is to gather demographics, compare nearby facilities and work towards continued improvements at Arbor Gardens. The EDA plans to use this data for land purchases, facility expansion needs, and to forecast what amenities the upcoming generations will request at assisted living centers. Wifi was recently added to the facility, but that is only a fraction of what will be expected by the new generation moving to assisted living centers. Eyota plans to stay current with the needs of future generations and will offer those entering the assisted living center a high quality of life.