Businesses Open Their Doors with the Help of Savvy Entrepreneurs, Willing Lenders and Available Workforce

Howard County IA 

Article by Jason Passmore

The first half of 2012 has seen a number of businesses open their doors with the help of savvy entrepreneurs, willing lenders, available workforce and a little nudge from Howard County Business & Tourism. Cresco Chamber of Commerce (a division of HCBT) has held five ribbon cuttings for new businesses in the last month alone with more scheduled this summer.

A new business highlight utilizing one of HCBT’s loan funds is, Cresco Fuels, Inc. This pay at the pump fuel station offers diesel, bio diesel, and blended ethanol options not offered in a 60 mile radius of Cresco.

As the site develops, four unique aspects of this business become obvious. The location is desirable, right off Highway 9, and allows vehicles space to maneuver and get around. Many fuel stations are landlocked within our communities and do not have adequate room for large vehicles. Cresco Fuels took this in to account and presents a safer setting for all vehicles. Two, the actual holding tanks are above ground and authorize easier refueling, inspection, and are better for the surrounding environment. The third unique aspect of this new business is the customer’s ability to choose from a variety of blends and not just the one E85 we often see. Fourth and maybe even more unique, this business is locally owned! We anticipate Cresco Fuels will be good for the environment, business and agriculture, as well as residents and visitors alike.