Spring Valley EDA Assists Expansion; Works with Fillmore County EDA

Spring Valley MN

Article by Cathy Enerson

Spring Valley continues to celebrate expansion!  The EDA worked with Marzolf Implements to introduce several programs that assisted with the expansion of their service center and dealership.  After a partial roof calapse from snow, an opportunity to expand surfaced.  This opporutnity allows Marzolf’s to meet current and future needs of their customers.

The EDA also collaborated with the city’s electrical provider and Fillmore County EDA to provide funding tools.  A USDA technical assistance grant was used to help an expansion for REKK (a land holding company for a local business located in the industrial park).  The operating business located on REKK’s property manufactures products that improve energy efficiency and their products are distributed throughout the United States. The expansion will be completed early this fall.

While the industrial park remains an area of great importance to develop, community members are working together organized by the EDA, to revitalize the downtown commercial district. The EDA is currently developing funding sources and seeking professional services to guide the community through a reinvention and revitalization of the downtown.

In further collaboration with Fillmore County, the EDA provided revolving loan fund dollars to the Root River County Club. Although not in city limits, city officials felt that assisting the country club would greatly benefit the city.  Through Fillmore County EDA, the Spring Valley EDA was able to assist Dennis Langreck with the purchase and expansion of the country club.

The county and the city EDA also collaborated to seek funds to provide for additional succession planning services in Fillmore County.  The succession planning program was created in Spring Valley, but it was such a beneficial program that the city wanted to expand the program. By widening the area of service to all of Fillmore County, the city hoped to be more succesfull with their grant application.